Work for Peace

As the struggle for civil rights  continues  “We need to work harder for peace.” There has been some  major distraction  injected into the crusade. Racism still exists in many segments of society. Of course poverty  and education are other factors. However, the distraction that  troubles me most are the black on black crimes. Young black men are killing each other in record numbers.

I am a veteran of war, and I have seen in my hometown more young black men die from gunshot wounds than I did during my 20 years as soldier. I am not in denial of the lost of lives caused by the acts of war.  However, we are not at war in the community. Included are those devastating acts of violence that were committed by law enforcement.

The government must take steps to rectify the problem of Police killings of young black men. However, steps must also be taken by the community to rectify the black on black crimes.

These young men are our future, and continuing to lose them in reality means we will have no future. I am sure that there are some who would be rather pleased with that outcome.

As a community we must do whatever it takes to educate these young men and teach them the value of a human life. Most important teach them to respect and love one another.

If  Dr. Martin Luther King was alive, I can almost assure you that he would be marching to stop the violence among young black men.

In the words of the late and great Gill Scott Heron, “We need to work for peace.”



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